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July 2007


Fichero Audio EU - European Parliament passes resolution on the new EU-USA PNR agreement calling it "substantially flawed". [ENG]. Radio Nizkor, 25Jul07
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Fichero Audio EU - European Commission to propose EU Passenger Name Record travel surveillance system. [ENG]. (StateWatch). Radio Nizkor, 19Jul07
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Fichero Audio Esp - The Supreme Court of Spain affirms that the crimes committed by Adolfo Scilingo are crimes against humanity. [ENG]. (Equipo Nizkor). Radio Nizkor, 09Jul07
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Fichero Audio Bol - Within the framework of current negotiations, the Organization of the Guarani Communities of Bolivia has submitted an agreement proposal to oil Company Repsol. [ENG]. (Assembly of the Guarani del Itika Guasu People). Radio Nizkor, 09Jul07.
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June 2007


Fichero Audio EU/US - EU negotiators agree that PNR data will be held for 7 years, doubling the current 3.5 years, and also that data can be access for a further 8 years. [ENG]. (StateWatch). Radio Nizkor, 29Jun07
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April 2007


Fichero Audio Usa - Statement by Senator Edward M. Kennedy on Restoring the Rule of Law and Repairing the Supreme Court Nomination Process. [ENG]. (Alliance for Justice). Radio Nizkor, 12Abr07
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